Blooming-butter. A cool tangle from Michele Beauchamp, I’ve not been successful before in drawing it until recently. Meredith Yuhas taught at Retreat to Paradise and blooming-butter was one of the tangles she taught us how to draw. I get it now. I love it when you take a complicated looking pattern and tear it down – deconstruct it – to get a handle and finally understand how it’s drawn.

The Creator's Leaf

4 thoughts on “Blooming-Butter

  1. Looking good – had trouble accessing you but seems OK now. Even if I'm not commenting I'll be keeping an eye on what you're up to – need to limit typing (meds side-effects & De Quervain Syndrone). Take care of yourself. Much lovePaula (PEP)

    • sorry, paula, we had the blog down for awhile as we swapped over to go daddy so we could get the domain. take care of yourself and your hands. no worries on sending me messages. i know you're there, faithful friend 🙂

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