Cheerios and Blueberries

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It has been a busy winter, and I’ve even had a busy start to my spring. The Florida pollen is in full force and my time spent outside is at a minimum. Can you say allergies and gesundheit? (I totally had to google how to spell that!) One positive side to the pollen is that I get to stay inside and draw more! Yay!!!! And I am back on the diet. Not yay!!!!!! (But I am down 7 pounds. Yay!!!)

As I mentioned recently, I am busy making art for book submissions. Currently I am working on submissions for seven different books. I started this drawing late last night. It needs much more done to it but it’s at least a start. Most of the book deals state that I can not share the art online beforehand, but one did not have any such lingo in the paperwork. So I can show you step-by-step what I develop. So. Stay tuned :). And while you’re at it why don’t you go make some art? You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. Interesting photo that first one. All the best with the diet & well done with the 7 lbs loss! I know what you mean about the pollen – thankfully antihistamines manage mine so I can be out weeding in the garden. House hopefully back up for sale this week – new door installed last Wednesday. All the best with those book deals – looking forward to seeing how this one works out visually.Take care & much lovePaula (PEP)

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