Trip to Paradise

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My life just doesn’t seem to slow down. I thought when I retired that life would be easier, that I wouldn’t feel pulled in so many directions. Boy! was I wrong! I seriously need to learn the meaning of the word ‘no’ and start using it occasionally. Actually last night I did send an email… Continue Reading

Pink is Where It’s At


I had a good week in Maryland. Kali and I went to see the movie Divergent on her night off. I recently read the trilogy and the movie was excellent! Stayed very true to the book. Can not wait for the next installment – in one year. Also, I’ve been working on book submissions. Kind of… Continue Reading

Gearing Up For a Retreat

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Retreat to Paradise. It’s almost here! Counting down and getting ready. Organizing supplies, and lamps, and extension cords. This is the straight line ensemble for our swap I still need to complete the curvy lined one. So much tangling to do. So little time. Story of my life. The End

A Nighttime’s Drawing, APR #97


I’m back in Maryland spending some time with Kali. I drew this after supper a few nights ago, in my Stillman & Birn Zeta Series sketchbook. The color comes from bubblegum pink and lemon zest  Dylusions Ink Sprays with some spritzed water. Lots of liquid. How did the Zeta Series hold up? Fantastic! No warping… Continue Reading

Confused About Twinchies?


There are still several sets of twinchies I want to share with you. Fifty-four of us are swapping these little two-inch pieces of art and – as you can well imagine – it is hard to make a little two inch piece of paper become spectacular. You don’t have a whole lot of room to… Continue Reading

Cue the Warthogs

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Cue the warthogs and meerkats. Ready the lions, zebras, and giraffes. Prep the elephants and wildebeest, cause it’s the circle of life. Hehehehehehe! Circle of Life lyrics by Tim Rice From the day we arrive on the planet And blinking, step into the sun, There’s more to see than can ever be seen More to… Continue Reading

More Underwater Twinchies, APR #95


Under the Sea (continued from yesterday) ~ The Little Mermaid ~   Down here all the fish is happy as off through the waves they roll. The fish on the land ain’t happy, they sad ’cause they in their bowl. But fish in the bowl is lucky, they in for a worser fate. One day… Continue Reading

Twinchies Under the Sea


Under the Sea ~ The Little Mermaid ~   The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake. You dream about going up there, but that is a big mistake. Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor. Such wonderful things surround you. What more is you lookin’ for?  … Continue Reading