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It has been a crazy few weeks. Due to an injured achilles tendon, I have been spending a lot of time sitting with my foot propped up on an ice pack. Trying to draw when I could , but finding it hard to keep my concentration and focus due to pain. Then Kali had some issues which necessitated a trip to the hospital for her and a plane flight for me. I took a rough spill in a dark movie theatre and smashed a knee, shoulder, and hip, and twisted the bad foot – setting me back to ground zero on the healing achilles problem. I spent two weeks there and just returned home last night. I am sooooo tired!!!

I still have ATCs to complete for the CZT Deck Swap, but I am closing in on being finished :). Here are a couple closeups of one of the larger sheets I am working on. It will eventually be cut down into 16 ATCs.

As a side note, now that I am back home I hope to start doing some massive overhauls on the blog, my Pinterest boards, my Etsy store, and setting up a Facebook group to make things more cohesive and easier to access. I believe I need a focus for the facebook group. There are many zentangle/tangle pages already out there. And in all truthfulness I am more of a Zentangle Inspired Art person than a Zentangle person. Do you have any suggestions for a focus in a facebook group? Something that isn’t already being done to death? I have some ideas, but I’d like to hear what some of you might suggest. Thanks 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Time to Create

  1. Glad to hear you're home safely – please rest & sleep. Afraid I've not got any FB ideas as I tend not to use it. However – those sheets above have lovely dimension & a definitely sea like quality about them. Love the white pearls: that's some treasure at the bottom of the ocean. You take care of yourself,PrayerfullyPaula (PEP)

  2. Gosh Alice, you have been through so much. Now that you are home and have your art to focus on, it may give you peace of mind and help you to heal physically. I am interested in your facebook page and what exactly do you have in mind that is different. I belong to so many groups, it gets boring because many are the same. The page you display is awesome, the colors are some of my favorite and that really draws me in. Not sure what to offer as a suggestion, need to think about it. Take care of yourself.

  3. Hi – So sorry for your difficulties. Maybe healing will take you to a new level. I steer clear of Facebook, so I hope you continue your blog. Your art is beautiful! – Peace and Blessings

  4. Hi Alice….now that you're home again, I hope things can settle for you – for awhile I used to say I was waiting for things to get back to normal and then I resigned myself to the fact that my present was the new normal!!LOL As for your Facebook ideas, I have gained huge inspiration from you in working with backgrounds with color and how they can change with tangling on top of the color. Your video on the dylusions inks was terrific. I think you're on the right path now with those backgrounds…….my two cents worth!!

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