Batumber by K2


While I was in Maryland, classmate and CZT Kelley Kelly (AKA K2) posted a new tangle on facebook. I took it, played with it a bit, and drew the above tile in my CZT sketchbook. The lovely, flowing pink flowers are batumber.
This is what Kelley posted on facebook.

Fun and easy, but looks can be deceptive.

So, I got out my sketchbook and started playing. CZT Cheryl Cianci had also posted a new tangle, which she dubbed Knot Rickz. If you are a CZT, or an avid zentangle® fan, you will get the connection in the name. Anyway, I sketched out the steps to the two tangles in my book. On each pattern I made a little switch that made the pattern work better for me. In batumber, Kelley draws the parallel lines first (which I cut off in the picture, sorry). I found it worked easier for me if I drew the curvy lines first. In Cheryl’s Knot Rickz, I had to draw my string with ink, not pencil, or I just got too lost.
I had a few little issues, the main one being corrected with that last tip I wrote down. When I was wrapping my batumber around the Knot Rickz on the bottom, I lost track of the humps and my last couple flowers did not line up like they should. So I made a note of it to help me remember next time. Both these tangles are beautiful, and they flow so well together. Kelley posted about batumber on her blog The Path Untangled. Unfortunately, Cheryl doesn’t blog, but she did give me permission to introduce you to Knot Rickz here on mine. Now, back to the drawing board, errr, sketchbook!

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6 thoughts on “Batumber by K2

  1. It's been a while since I made the rounds of Zentangle blogs…this post reminds me of why I love visiting the cyber-spaces of other tanglers. It's so cool to see the art and read the thoughts of other artists and share in their journeys and discoveries. I love what you have done with these tangles, and appreciate what you and Kelley and Cheryl have offered. Thank you for your art and insights!

    • you're welcome, amy 🙂 kelley and cheryl both gave me permission to highlight there tangles – i love sharing what others have designed!

    • you're welcome, nancy! i've been trying to figure out how to turn my FB page into a group page so you could post your artwork directly there – and it isn't possible. so i am thinking about starting a group, but not sure yet. stay tuned 🙂

  2. I love the selective use of colour to make Batumber 'pop' out. That's something I've realised over the last months whilst puzzling about shading – I like choosing what to shade & with what! Now what is that strange tangle that looks like netting – it's beautifully effective & I love the way your 'sparkles' work in it.Paula (PEP)

    • paula, that tangle is called cheesecloth, and it's so simple. wavy, wiggly lines horizontally, then wavy, wiggly lines vertically. i love the way it turns out and have started using it on occasion in the backgrounds 🙂

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