5 Minute Border Practice


Need some help with borders? Do you have five minutes to practice? Take an ATC, it’s a 3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ piece of paper, the size of a baseball card. Grab your pen of choice. At this particular time, I was using a Pitt Pen, size SX. Draw a series of unevenly spaced parallel… Continue Reading

Therapy Has Begun

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I started physical therapy today for my achilles tendonitis.  Whoa! Stretching, pushing, pulling, straining. And that was just the assessment. If you were wondering about the two larger hearts – they are from a paper punch I have. Punches both hearts at the same time and I just put my chop in the centers.  Tangled… Continue Reading

Fast Approaching


It will be here before you know it. Valentine’s Day. A time to tell those you love – that you love and appreciate them. A time for words, a time for cards, a time for chocolate :), a time to make a difference in someone’s life. A group of us artist types are trading ATCs… Continue Reading

Re-Eval Done


I spent the morning at the podiatrist, re-evaluating this achilles tendon issue. Four weeks of physical therapy coming up. Along with wearing a foot splint while I sleep at night. Continue the heat treatments, the ice packs, and the BioFreeze. Then we will evaluate the situation again. The doctor said this injury will take awhile… Continue Reading

A Few More Peeks


Here are a couple more detail shots of that large piece I posted last night. After I took these photos, I added a lot of sparkliness to make my heart happy. I love sparkliness! And pink and yellow, apparently! And, I just love me some pretty detail shots!  Tangle on.

Doing Better, APR #89


My foot is coming along. Finally. That old achilles tendon is finally starting to feel a bit better. Of course I’ve been sitting for a week and a half now. Reading, playing my gameboy, checking facebook, and drawing a little here and there. About 40 heated foot soaks, 40+ ice packs, and one can of… Continue Reading

Still Sittin’


I am still attached to this chaise lounge and getting incredibly tired of it! My foot seems to be feeling better, get rechecked next week. The only tangible positive is that I am getting lots of tangling done. Working on more bookmarks for a swap I am part of. Couldn’t decide whether to color the… Continue Reading

Pluggin’ Along


It’s been a rough few days here at the house of Hendon. Somehow I have managed to mess up an achilles tendon. Not cool. I do happen to have one very awesome podiatrist, however, she surgered both feet about 25 years ago and she is still in business. Heck! She’s even younger than me by… Continue Reading

Batumber by K2


While I was in Maryland, classmate and CZT Kelley Kelly (AKA K2) posted a new tangle on facebook. I took it, played with it a bit, and drew the above tile in my CZT sketchbook. The lovely, flowing pink flowers are batumber. This is what Kelley posted on facebook. Fun and easy, but looks can… Continue Reading

Trying New Things

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Wow! That’s really big! You can see every line I drew and all my little slip-ups, too.  >,< Actually, I like the pictures being big so you can appreciate all the lovely color against the black backdrop of the blog :). So, it’s 2014 already. Seriously? What happened to 2013? Our family seemed to have… Continue Reading