Word Art


Word art is something new to me. I learned about word art on Facebook, on Jo Newsham’s page called Pen in Hand. Her work is wonderful and so much more involved and detailed than mine. This is my first attempt.

I used a page from a C. S. Lewis book of quotes for this project. I chose a page about friendship, then scanned the page to find words that went well together – to form a thought. A little penwork and shading made the words pop from the page. Next I added some tangles. I surely could do a whole lot more with this page, but I am pleased with this as my first attempt. So much fun to do. The hardest part was picking out the words!

The Creator's Leaf

8 thoughts on “Word Art

  1. Fascinating – I don't think it needs any more – the shading looks lovely on this…..now that's the kind of shading I like, what did you use? I love the scrolls & the minimalist feel.Paula (PEP)

    • I love you, Paula, you always make me feel good about my work πŸ™‚ I used a pencil and a tort. And just smudged shade where I needed it

    • Thanks, sue, I want to work with this a lot more. I have a 2" thick book of quotes – I should be set for some time to come πŸ™‚

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