Pkok Tangle, Sandhya Manne

Currently, I am working on postcards.

A few of us are involved in a New Year’s postcard swap and I’m trying to get mine done and in the mail.

You might have seen yesterday’s post where I listed how far behind I am.

I am one step closer now, haha!

Pkok is a new tangle from Sandhya Manne, one of our CZTs from India. Her work is always so beautiful and delicate.

I love this new pattern of hers! It just really wanted to mix it up with some merryweather (Sandy Hunter) and bales (Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas).

I cut my own postcard from mixed media paper.

Color came from my Grumbacher Transparent watercolors.

The sparkle is from Wink of Stella Glitter markers (which unfortunately doesn’t photograph well.)

The Creator's Leaf

2 thoughts on “Pkok Tangle, Sandhya Manne

  1. Quite delightful with the way you have the little cluster of organic tangles framed by Bales on each side with Merryweather thrown in across the diagonal. thank you for bringing my attention to Pkok – that's quite a tangle. I love the way you've selectively added colour to just Pkok & Zinger.Hope you are able to have a lovely Christmas.With much lovePaula (PEP)

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