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Lately I have been working on backgrounds. Lots of backgrounds. They are such fun! This is what I’m working on today, the day after Thanksgiving. I passed up Black Friday shopping to stay home and make art. That’s a good tradeoff anyday!

A few posts back, I showed you some backgrounds I’d been building. This is one of them. I started with an 11″ x 14″ sheet of Strathmore Bristol Smooth Surface paper and two colors of Dylusions Ink Sprays. This paper handles wet media very well. You get a little curling on the edges, which can be handled with painter’s tape and a heat gun. Both of which I never remember. Anyway, this is what I started with today.

Next, I took this stencil from Joggles called Flight and placed it down on my background. I used a spritzer bottle of water and sprayed water onto the openings of the stencil.

Let that sit for about 15-20 seconds, then carefully lift off your stencil. Let the water sit on the surface another 15-20 seconds, then take a paper towel and blot the remaining wetness off the paper. You will notice the wetness lifted some of the color making those areas lighter. It won’t work this way with all inks, I used Dylusions Ink Sprays and they work this way wonderfully.

A little blast from a heat gun with complete the drying process. Here is a close up of some of the butterflies. A totally different look for my background from what I started with.

Then I chose this butterfly to work with. 

Zentangle® is a really awesome art style that can be adapted to so many other types of art. I wanted to do something special with this butterfly. I started with the body and began drawing in some betweed. Perfect fit for a body.

From there I added a modified version of mooka for antennae, and started filling in a couple areas on the wings. Not any specific tangle pattern at this point, just filling in lines until I decided which direction to go in.

I went with a really loose version of Carole Ohl’s tangle inapod, which I love. There are so many opportunities to use this pattern! And it works on wings!

And I kept adding patterns until I reached this point. You can see a bit more mooka at the top, then I used a version of Kathy Barringer’s Up and Down, a little of Sandy Hunter’s cruffle for the ‘eyes’ on the wings (I swear I’m obsessed with this tangle,) and finished with some auras and a little shading. I liked the butterfly at this point, but it still needed something. 

I was thinking it needed a little bling! A little sparkle! So I pulled out my At You Spica pens that come from Copic and got busy.

Sadly, I could not get my picture-taking-machine-AKAiphone to do justice to this color! The sparkly, shiny, glittery awesomeness that is the At You Spica pen is wonderful! Yellow, orange, red, pink (of course!), purple, and gold. So beautiful in real life. Not too shabby here. Now, on to the other butterflies before they all take flight and make a break for it. Unless they want some extra bling before they go :).

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    • i do use distress inks sometimes, as well as alcohol inks. i just love the bright vividness i can get with dylusions!

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