A Little Christmas Fun

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Having a little Christmas fun here today. Recently, a friend of mine sent me a pinterest link to some beautiful ornaments. I just knew a had to give it a go, so today I made three of them. That one above is one of mine. Thank you for the pin, Sandy!

So, what you need to do is head out to your local Wal-Mart (or Wal-Mart wannabee) and get you some of these sweet little ornaments! They have both glass and shatterproof. I opted for the shatterproof because our house is tiled and we have cats that like to climb the Christmas tree.

I paid 88ยข for each ornament. The first thing you need to do is remove the clips, so you can get to the inside of the ornament. All the color is going to be inside, which is a good thing if your cats or dogs or babies or hamsters or guine . . . you get the idea . . . ย get ahold of your ornament. All the color is inside, so they can’t get hurt if they chew on these.

Gather up supplies, which are not all shown in this photo. Sorry. I meant to take another photo and I forgot. I placed a towel on my work surface. (I didn’t get any ink on my towel at all, but my iphone screen may never be the same. It’s a good thing I love pink!) I pulled out my favorite colors of Ranger Alcohol Inks. The one ingredient you don’t see pictured is a can of compressed air.

Photos are a little lacking in these next few steps, so just hang in there with me. The alcohol ink dries so fast, it was hard to get photos while I was working.

Pick out 2-3 colors that work well together and get your can of air ready. Drip a stream of alcohol ink inside the ornament. It can go straight to the bottom, or along a side. It doesn’t matter.

Then, while it is still wet, blast inside the ornament with the air to spread the color around. My can has a little plastic stick to poke into the nozzle. Use it. You can place the stick right into the opening of the ornament and pretty much blow air anywhere you want. It makes a lot of noise, so don’t be alarmed.

Keep adding colors till you are happy with what you get. And they literally dry within seconds, so keep it moving. This is a quick project!

www.thecreatorsleaf.blogspot.com Alice Hendon

This is the bottom of the first one I made. I love that feathering you see in the middle. I’d like to tell you I intended for it to turn out that way, but honestly it all goes so fast – what you get, is what you get.

www.thecreatorsleaf.blogspot.com Alice Hendon
There’s some more of that awesome, intentional feathering.
www.thecreatorsleaf.blogspot.com Alice Hendon
alice hendon

And once again – my favorite! This project was so easy. I already had everything except the ornaments.

  • clear ornaments,
  • Ranger Alcohol Inks,
  • Compressed air.
And that is literally all you need. I didn’t even need my towel! And the whole project took less than 5 minutes to make three ornaments. Now that I know it works, I will probably go buy more ornaments and make some more! Once again, thanks, Sandy!

6 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Fun

  1. Thanks so much for your post, it' s a very clever idea. I'm a "Tangler " too, and that is what I thought I was looking at in the bottom of your favorite one! I don't have anyone to chew on my ornaments so I might try a subtle tangle with a sharpie! Something like that feathering might look good.Marlene

  2. Sounds like you need to move at the speed of lights no wonder you didn't photo ever step! Never mind the cats trying to get in on the act whilst you're crafting – I wonder they don't try to help a bit.Great to see you having such fun.Paula (PEP)

    • hahaha! had to lock the cats out of the studio. this was fun, now i need to go get some more from the store ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thanks, caren, super easy and they dried within seconds. might make a good tangle class ๐Ÿ™‚ color inside, zentangle on the outside

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