Waiting For Spring


Living in the south you don’t get a whole lot of winter. Or seasons. You just get different levels of humidity. Pretty much. The past week has been ideal weatherwise. Cooler temps at night. Nice, comfortable temps during the day. Now, if the flowers and trees would just start blossoming again we’d be in springtime business. And, we still have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years to get through before then. So, in the meantime I am drawing flowers, working on another large project. If you haven’t done a large project of your own, this is the time to pull out an 11″ x 14″ sheet of paper and give it a go. Tangle away and when you’re  finished, let me know and we’ll post a link to your blog right here so we can share your work :). Go on. You know you want to!

The Creator's Leaf

6 thoughts on “Waiting For Spring

    • oh i will be adding some color. it's for a swap – black with one color accent. i'm thinking blues or purples for this sheet 🙂

  1. Wow, this is a beauty Alice. You are doing some fabulous work. I can't wait to see the accent color in this. Linda E.

  2. All these circles look super – & I include the flower centre – with the pointy flower petals (is there a step-out for this – it's a beauty?). I look forward to seeing how you add colour to this. I definitely want to have a go at your idea of a large piece – but I have Valerie's journal to finish first & that's after I've got my head round a tangle challenge that needs to be posted 1st Nov. Goodness that flower delights my vision!Paula (PEP)

    • haha! you're the best, paula! that flower – no step-out but it's really easy. the center is simply a circle filled with printemps. i lightly sketched an outer circle to keep the petals the same length, then just added in the first row of petals, then i stuck a background petal behind each set of inner petals, then blacked in the openings at the base of each petal. voila! a pretty flower 🙂 piece of cake (do you say that in england?)

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