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In my last two posts I showed you some of the progress on this project. I used an 11″ x 14″ sheet of multi media paper and started tangling.

I worked on this off and on for several days. Probably more than several, I just haven’t felt well and was dragging my feet. Anyway, I finished it up and needed to start cutting it down into ATCs for a swap I am participating in.

ATC stands for artist trading cards and you swap them with other artists. For this particular swap, we were supposed to only use black and brown ink – any kind, just those two colors. I chose black pitt pens and a couple shades of brown in the Tsukineko At You Spica pens which are loaded with sparkle and pop!

ATCs are 2/1/2″ x 3 1/2″, same as baseball trading cards. I took my larger sheet and cut it down into 15 ATCs. I am really happy with all of them. None of them were short on tangles, they all looked balanced and sparkly.

I preferred doing the project this way. It was quicker than drawing out 15 individual cards and I didn’t have to think as much. And isn’t that what zentangle is all about anyway? This was the first time I approached a swap this way and I was concerned about using my products economically. This was all the paper I had left over. I have figured out a different way to cut the cards so that I finish up with one extra ATC next time and less waste.

Here you can see all 15 ATCs. Pretty even coverage, something pretty to look at on each card, a balanced spread of black and white and sparkly. In fact, I like the way this turned out so much that I am going to do the next swap the same way! I hope you have a great week and that you get to tangle something really incredible and fun! Maybe some Christmas ATCs? Or Christmas cards? Just an idea to get you started :).

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13 thoughts on “Ta-Da!!! All Done

  1. Alice,I love how it turned out. Even cut down they are super awesome. I'm thinking of taking mine over the Staples to get a good copy to hand in my living room! Almost hate to cut it up, but it has to be done for the atc/card deck swap.

    • i should have done that, maybe the next one i will. let me know how staples does with your copy. i haven't used them before.

  2. Absolutely wonderful – I love browns with black & white & this whole design just sings – you gave me a lot of fun finding that tangle too. Great fun seeing what you've ended up with.Paula (PEP)

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