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I bought some new products a while back and I’ve been trying to find some time to play with them. Here is my completed project. Well, mostly completed. I just realized I wanted to do some white gel pen highlights. I will go back and add those. Here’s a look at what I used.

These are some really awesome watercolor paper blocks! I used the 4″ x 8″ block of fifteen cold press pages. The really cool thing about these blocks are that all the pages are glued together along the two long sides – thus making a block. What this translates into for the artist is a smooth, flat product upon completion. I used a lot of water and a lot of layers. Normally when I do this kind of project on a loose piece of paper – I finish with warping, a product that will not lay flat. With this glued block you work on your project and because of the way it is glued together – your project dries in place and you have a flat project when you are done. Ta-da!!! I like this a lot!

I have been wanting to try these out for quite some time! I’ve been following Tracy Weinzapfel’s blog, she likes bright colors just as much as I do. I saw one post where Tracy had a set of Grumbacher Watercolor Pans laying on the table with her project. I really love the way her projects look, so I went online to and bought both the transparent pans and the opaque pans. So easy to use, the colors are vibrant and they layer well, and the pans are big so they should last a long time.

For my first project – – – I am very happy with the results!

The Creator's Leaf

2 thoughts on “New Products to Try

  1. Alice, your project turned out great. Is that black marker you used? Did you draw it on before or after you painted? I have found my microns, sharpies and identi pens do not work on the H2O paints to well, the paint clogs my pens. However, I do not have that problem when I paint with the pan watercolors.

  2. thanks, diane, i did the background color first – grumbacher watercolor – then drew with a black pitt pen. then i watercolored the flowers and leaves – same grumbachers. the pink flower i did with the opaques and had to go back over a couple black lines once it was dry. do you have a heat gun? sometimes i go over the black ink with a heat gun to 'set' the ink, then add color. i noticed my microns would clog up when i drew on any kind of paint, so what i started doing with those – if the color went down first, let it dry all the way, then rub it/burnish it sort of with a paper towel, this took the loose particles off and it doesn't gunk up or clog my pens anymore.

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