Making the Most of My Day


I’ve been having some issues with my daily life. Some questions I’m trying to answer. Some peace I’m trying to find. Some quietness in a life that is too full of stuff and doing. I had gotten lax in my tangle time each day. Now I realize that tangle time is exactly what I must make time for each day.

This is one thing I can do without thought. Without feeling guilty because I’m not doing something else. Without worrying about how the house is going to get clean. Without worrying about what I have to fix for supper when I don’t like to cook. Time for just me. Time to wind down and relax. Time to zone everything else out and just enjoy my time alone. Time with my pens and my paper.  Ahhhhh! Getting in the zone! It’s sweet!

The Creator's Leaf

2 thoughts on “Making the Most of My Day

  1. Sounds like you're on track for making the right improvements! Good for you. Are you doing the CZT ATC deck swap? That's a perfect reason to take time for yourself every day, and they don't take long to finish. 🙂

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