Heading to Peru


Yes, that was a shameless post title to pull you right in. I wish I was heading to Peru. Seriously. This is a project I worked on while I was in Maryland. I just added some little last bits of color last night, some sparkly that you can’t really see here. This name tangle is headed to Peru!

This little sweetie is Emeli. She is ten years old and lives in Peru with her mom and dad, a younger brother, and a new baby sister. Emeli is a Compassion International child. I support her with a small monthly fee that allows her to attend a Christian school, provides medical care, food, clean water, and also gives Emeli life-skills training. I write Emeli letters and she writes back to me. We talk about her family, about her school and what she is learning, we talk about God and the scripture, we talk about anything Emeli wants to talk about. We’ve had a couple letters focused solely on food. I’ve been sponsoring Emeli for a little over five years now and she’s been such a blessing in my life! I wanted to make something special to send her. Hopefully she will be excited when she opens the package to find her name – with lots of pink and purples – cause those are her favorite colors! Heading for Peru later today!

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2 thoughts on “Heading to Peru

  1. She is going to be THRILLED when she opens your gorgeous gift!! What a lovely way to show you care about her in a very personal way. It's wonderful that you provide financial support for the family..I'm sure the whole family has been helped greatly from your generosity. But I think this gift…painstakingly made by you in your gorgeous style just for HER will make her heart sing! Beautiful artwork and an equally beautiful heart. Well done!Sue Brailey

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