Accent on the Pink


I love the accents made with the pinks! I could be all about the pink! Or teal, or purple, depending on what day of the week it is.

I am getting ready for another ATC swap. The theme for this one is black with one accent color. Of course, I chose pink to be my accent color.

Once again, I drew this on a sheet of 11″ x 14″ Bristol smooth surface paper from Strathmore. For the pink accents, I used At You Spica Pens (2 shades of pink), a pink copic marker, and some pink watercolor.

I really love the colors! Lower left you see the tangle Sindoo by Sharon Robinson, England. That strip on the lower right is Ragz from CZT Christina Vandervlist. That long skinny one with the openings is Beanpodz from Neil Burley. I love the spiral in the middle – that’s my favorite part!

Sliding across from lower left to upper right is Liberty 100 from ~ once again ~ Neil Burley. Mix in a little Kuke from Katy Abbott, some zander, some bunzo,  a variation of tagh, and something I totally made up – those circle thingies.

I love finery! It is one of the ‘official’ zentangle® patterns.

At the top right is Stella, I don’t think the step-outs of that one’s been released yet. Then I tried a little Undling (yes! it worked), which is Susie Achter’s new tangle. In the middle are those cute little circles I made up, along with Sandy Hunter’s Cruffle. I think the two work pretty well together!

Yes, I really do like these two together! Anyway, these are some closeups of the detail work! I cut this sheet down into 16 ATCs that I will mail out to sixteen different people in the new swap that starts on the 1st!

I am really having a ball drawing large scale this way! Next up? A 53-deck of card ATCs for a swap amongst the CZTs. I can not wait!

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6 thoughts on “Accent on the Pink

  1. Love the idea of those circle thingies – circthins perhaps? I'm fascinated by spirals & love the whole idea of making one whole large piece to cut into ATCs – so effective with the selective use of multi-media pinks. Thanks for all the info on the tangles – most helpful indeed.Paula (PEP)

    • thanks, paula, i was hoping someone would appreciate the links to the patterns. i'm already working on another large piece. i ran out of nice paper, so this one will be on a little lesser quality paper, makes drawing interesting. stay tuned. 🙂

  2. Alice, this is incredible, what an inspiration you are to me. I am going to do a large sheet too.I can see from your work you are feeling better.

    • thanks, diane, i appreciate you and your comments so much. inspires me to keep going. and yes, i am feeling somewhat better. still a day-to-day thing, but much better.

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