A Journal Around the World

 A Journal Around the World. What a wonderful idea!
This is going to be a rather lengthy post, chock full of photos
explaining how ~ and why ~ I made these journal pages.
My friend Karen is a fellow CZT, we attended zentangle certification training together. Karen got this great idea to send a journal around the world to various art friends and get them to each complete a 2-page spread in her journal. Not only is it traveling all around the United States, it is also making two trips to Australia and one trip to the Netherlands. 
If you have followed my art for long you will already know that I love bright, vivid color. The more ~ the merrier.
To get my pages going, I went to my supplies and pulled out some Dylusions Ink Sprays (these cute little storage boxes from Michael’s are the perfect height), some ink pads, and . . .
. . . some stamps. 
I also pulled out brads, jewels, and charms, anything I thought might work on my pages, as well as two ATCs. These particular ones are from some time ago when I ink sprayed a bunch of ATCs and mailed them to some of the CZTs to try them. I tangled around the designs made by the various ink sprays. You can see this a bit better in the next photo.
I’m sorry I neglected to take a photo. I cut a piece of watercolor paper to fit the pages in Karen’s journal. I spritzed some water over the surface and sprayed three different colors of Dylusions Ink Sprays onto the wet surface. I explained this process in the last post that you can read here. Once my pages were inked and dried, I  started placing some basic elements that I wanted to use in an eye pleasing manner around the two pages ~ until I found the configuration I wanted. I attached some of the pieces with brads, then . . . 
. . . covered the back of the pages with Scor Tape that I bought from joggles.com, then . . .
. . . attached the watercolor pages into Karen’s book.
I wish I had gotten a better photo of this, but hopefully you can see what I did here. I took an old medicine bottle, pressed it down onto an inkpad, and stamped circles onto various places around my two-page spread. I finished attaching some of the loose elements . . .
. . . and arrived at this. I liked the way it looked at this point, but I wanted to add some more zing!
So I started looking at the page and deciding what I could add. (And I figured I could show off my fancy nails I got painted on at Kali’s house. They need to be re-done. I’ve had this gel on for three weeks already, but I can’t find anyone in my area who does this kind of beautiful detail work on nails.)
Where the stencils and ink sprays left circle patterns on my pages were the perfect spots for some printemps.
And those at the bottom were perfect for Sandy’s tangle cruffle.
I kept adding details until I was happy.
And I ended up with this. So happy with this layout!
It didn’t take long to make, it has beautiful, vibrant color which I love, I got to combine several medium to make the project, and I got to show off my awesome nails!!!
From here the journal heads to Connecticut. It still has 18 stops to make before it finds it way back home to Karen.
Let me tell you, Karen is going to be one excited lady when she gets this package in the mail!
I am so jealous!

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14 thoughts on “A Journal Around the World

  1. your pages are so beautiful, Alice! I love vivid color too. You should start your own journal around the world… you could 'fancify' the cover and send it on its way! I've thought about doing something similar since I saw the friendship cup blog Laura Harms did last year. Do it, do it, do it! Dibs on the first page 😉

  2. Wow, your pages are stunning. The colors really are eye catching. What a great idea your friend had with making the journal.

  3. This is a super post – absolutely delightfully cheering. I get encouraged when I see what you are doing – especially with the fact that you're not shading in the conventional manner which I'm really struggling with. A long conversations with R about abstract art when I mentioned shading in passing whilst trying to get the CB challenge sample done……. & my world has opened up with new thoughts & ways of working…. You take care of yourself – just superb & the nails are something else!!Paula (PEP)

  4. Hi Alice. These pages are fabulous. You should all consider making this a circle journal where everyone sends their own journal around, and then all of you will have a beautiful journal coming back to you. I participated in one a couple years ago, and it was great. Have a nice weekend. Linda E.

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