Fall is Almost Here


Fall is almost here, if you discount the fact that the high tomorrow in Florida is supposed to be 91 degrees. I will be glad when the high temps go away for awhile, even if it does only drop 5 degrees! For a girl who grew up in Newfoundland, where the average summer temp hovers around 61 degrees, these Florida temps of 90-102  in the summer are just killers. Add to that hurricane threats and wildfires, and you will see why I am excited about fall.

I made this two-sided bookmark for a swap my friend Sandy Hunter is hosting. The first picture, the front, features two of my own patterns – punkin’ and blox. The back has ambler and avreal, two patterns I’ve not used before. I really like avreal – the one down the middle! Color is courtesy of my Koi watercolor set. Shimmer (if you can see it) is from my twinking H2Os. Shipping this off to the swap tomorrow. When I receive one back, I will post it here for you to admire :).

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