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Progress. Sometimes it comes slow. Sometimes it comes faster. This time it is coming slowly. I started this big board project last week while I was at Kali’s. I got a good start with some geometric shapes, then started the road trip home.

It has been hauled in and out of three hotel rooms and been drawn on in five different states so far. 

I am back at Kali’s for another couple weeks and the board is once again gracing the dining room table when it isn’t in use as a homework station. I am sticking with the geometric shape idea – so far. I may stray a bit, but for now that is what I am sticking with. Kali was thinking about some color, bright splashes of color. Perhaps. Cause you know I am all about the color!

And speaking about color, I got my nails done today. Gel. The only way to go for longevity. Color? Teal to match my hair! Of course. Hahaha!

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  1. Goodness Alice – do you ever stay still?It looks intriguing & I love the way all those beads are falling out of the top triangle & into your striped trianlge inside the wall – some seem to have trickled down a bit further too but they look as if they're going to stay within the brick boundary…….then there's the hamster wheel with more beads far right …… what an obstacle course!Much love Paula (PEP)

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