Dutch Diamonds

Still working on postcards – I may never get done – hahaha! Not sure why my ipad posted little dots in the center of most of these knightsbridge squares. The center line is a new tangle I’ve been working on. Mark said it reminded him of the little dutch hats, I thought it looks like… Continue Reading

Good Morning!

Good Morning ~ Mandisa ~ Wave away my yesterday Cause I’m leaving it behind me. Hello sunshine, come what may, I feel something new inside me. I hear the birds singing, Now my alarm’s ringing, Get up, get up, hey! It’s a good morning! Wake up to a brand new day! This morning, I’m stepping,… Continue Reading

Feel the Flow


I drew this tile awhile back. I’ve long had a fascination with the undersea world. When I was growing up in Newfoundland, my dad would fish off the only dock on the Navy base in Argentia just about every weekend. He fished for cod and flounder, and would often catch a puffer fish. It seems… Continue Reading

Lovely Art in the Mail


 Recently I’ve made several posts showing you some post cards I’ve been drawing. Some of the CZTs have been involved in a post card swap. We get a list of addresses for the people signed up and we send them a post card we have tangled up. When I got home from Kali’s last night… Continue Reading

Trying Something New


Before I start, let me say that, no, I am not working on gradient color, thus making my photo white at the top and blue at the bottom. Haha! That would be my iphone. Sorry. It’s the best I’ve got on the road. I have long admired CZT Shelly Beauch’s beautiful artwork which you can… Continue Reading

An Under the Sea Posting

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This one definitely fits the “no more than three tangles” rule. Squid, sedglings, and indy-rella. Favorites when it comes to underwater drawing. Swimming across a card of blue variations. Already swimming its way to its new home. I hope you enjoy it!


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So, in our postcard swap we are allowed to use up to three tangles. I don’t always remember, but I think I was close on most of them so far. Hahaha! I love Margaret Bremner’s copada tangle and wanted to use it right across the center of the card. It hit me about halfway through… Continue Reading

Ixorus Meets Crescent Moon


This tile was interesting to draw. I used my big ruler and just laid in some lines. Not even sure how I ended up with these sections, I remember going diagonally from corner to corner. Then I started the groundwork for ixorus on all the lines. That would be the little scallops – overlapping the… Continue Reading

Henna Swirls

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I am really liking Jane’s tangle Henna Drum. I always have. I’ve used it many times in the past and I always enjoy coming back to it. I freehanded these swooping lines – that’s what I call it when I don’t have my glasses on. Hahahahaha! And they didn’t turn out too badly, so I… Continue Reading