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I am just relaxing here in Maryland while Kali slaves away at work and at school. Hahaha! Seriously, I am. And she is. Working hard. Her. Not me. 

Kali is in a really busy part of life right now, learning and studying and working and doing homework and working some more and going to more classes and . . . well, you get the picture. Her life is a little overwhelming at this point. Mark and I were concerned about her taking care of herself during this particularly trying time, so I am visiting to make sure everything gets done – like eating, and sleeping. You know – important things like not getting sick. Cause ‘ain’t nobody got time for that!

While Kali’s at school or work, I am drawing. A lot. And having fun. I have been able to get back involved in Dion Dior’s Mastering Twinks series of classes and combined some of my new knowledge with the postcard swap. I know people have said this at least a thousand times, but I really do wish the cameras could pick up all the shine and glimmer these beautiful little pots of Twinkling H2Os bring to the palette. Such gorgeousness at my fingertips. I love it! This little postcard is winging its way to my friend Donna Hornsby, who I hope to maybe one day actually meet in person :). Enjoy, Donna.

Tomorrow I will outline a few basic steps for you to draw a lovely free-hand mandala. It really is very easy. I promise!

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  1. I'm glad you're there with Kali – I know how hard it is & there certainly is no time at all for illness. Glad you can help with the food provision & keeping things clean & tidy etc….. your relationship with Kali is a precious one to have……..Paula (PEP)

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