Almost There


I am sure you’ve noticed I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Visits with Kali, going back and forth to Florida. I’ve gotten used to taking pictures of where I am in my journey, and texting them to Mark and Kali so they both know how far I’ve gotten. State line signs are easy targets. Humongous traffic jams for miles and miles on end always  scream “Virginia!” South of the Border paraphernalia lets them know I am half way there. On this trip, I got caught by this train literally within about a mile of Kali’s apartment. What better way to let them know how close I was than with a photo of the train. Haha! And they both knew I would be at her door within minutes.

Photo taken with my iphone.

The Creator's Leaf

2 thoughts on “Almost There

    • lynn, i shot the picture through the windshield of the car with my phone. once i got to kali's i opened iphone app Streamzoo and ran a filter called masterpiece. that's it. mostly it framed the shot with those lines and graineyed it up a bit 🙂

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