Wishes Do Come True


Wishes do come true. Hmmm. Sometimes I have to wonder if it’s wise to wish, but then I figure nothing is going to get better unless I do.  Page two in my new grid journal. Fifi asked yesterday if I drew all the artwork for this journal. The answer would be – no.  A grid… Continue Reading

A Little Tink


I wanted to title this post You Can’t Go Wrong With a Little Tink, but figured that was definitely too long! “But,” you say, “there is in fact a little Tink in this picture!” and you would be right, hence the proposed title of You Can’t Go Wrong With a Little Tink. Hahahaha!  Actually, this is… Continue Reading

Monochromatic, APR #64


The Artist’s Play Room challenge this week was monochromatics. Any color – our choice – in variations from light to dark. This is what I made today. I haven’t done a tutorial in awhile, so here are the steps I followed to make my monochromatic offering this week. I started out with a sheet of… Continue Reading

Pink – a Little Monocolor Time


Pink. It’s the color that calls my name. Well, that and purple. For now. Every once in awhile I can hear teal calling to me, as well. I started working on a challenge this morning for the Artist’s Play Room, a challenge of monocolor art. I figured that was going to be boring but I… Continue Reading

Oh, To Be a Kid Again!

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Some of the CZTs recently did an ATC swap. When I received an envelope from Sherry, I was pleasantly surprised to see two little squares of black paper included with a beautiful ATC!  As I took them in my hand, I was transported back to a day when we used to scribble on white paper… Continue Reading

Looking For Something New?


Looking for something new? This past week, I took a few days off and headed to Orlando. Alone. I stayed at the Disney complex and just locked myself away in a room. For the most part. It rained every day I was there anyway, so it isn’t like I missed a lot by not going… Continue Reading