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Focus. Becoming focused. Staying focused.  That is frequently hard for me to do. 

I am just completing the first week of Dion Dior’s online class Mastering Twinks. I have been waiting for this class to open so I could finally learn how to properly use these wonderful little pots of paint. Kali and I first saw Twinkling H2Os at a scrapbook convention we went to 10-12 years ago. The product was new then and we learned what little they were able to teach us at that time. They’ve been stashed in my desk since then.

In Dion’s class I hope to learn how to use them to their fullest capabilities. The first week is usually where I lose interest with an online class. The instructor – and the material – really have to catch and hold my attention. I think Dion has accomplished that. 

Week one? Drawing a free-hand mandala. Above is my second one. Not as detailed as the one I posted yesterday, Dion told us to leave some room to add color. Color? That was the second part of lesson one. I am still working on my painted mandala. Hopefully I will be able to post it later today. Focus? Yes, and having a blast so far!

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2 thoughts on “Keep Focus

  1. Look forward to seeing it in colour. Focus is what my husband was talking to me about this evening……hmmm ….. maybe He's trying to tell me something…….Paula (PEP)

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