I’ve Got Mail!


Would you just look at what I got in the mail yesterday! Oh, my! I love batiks, and you know I love purple, so this is a perfect fit for me!

You might be asking, “what is it?” right about now, so allow me to explain. My friend Karen Izzi, (we went to CZT training together) made this for me and I love it! That pocket on the left is large enough to hold the 4 1/2″ square zentangle┬« apprentice tiles, as well as the regular 3 1/2″ square tiles, and the ATCs. Then on the right, there are three pockets to stash microns, pencils, I could even stuff my non-approved white eraser in one of the pockets.

It folds closed, and buttons shut. What a beautiful – and quite handy-dandy – travel kit for my tangles up and down the east coast! Karen, thank you so, so much for making this for me! You pretty much rock! I have a road trip coming up in about 10 days and you better believe this is going with me! 

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3 thoughts on “I’ve Got Mail!

  1. It looks terrific & I love the 'tangled' edging & pocket material…..now to deconstruct that pattern & give it a name…………unless of course someone else has already done so?????????Paula (PEP)

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