Go Doodle, APR #63


The Artist’s Play Room weekly challenge is up to number 63 this week. Jenn’s challenge to us was to go doodle. Doodle something that didn’t necessarily have to be zentangle® art, just doodling fun.

I took a grid stencil that I got from Dreamweaver and taped it on top of an ATC card, and to the desktop. You can see that I have some craft paper protecting my table surface.

My supplies included: a zentangle® ATC tile, blue painters tape, a combination tray of Colorbok ink pads, and a sponge dauber.

I used the sponge dauber you see here (I ended up not using the sponge in the photo before this) and started softly tapping out some color onto the ATC. These little daubers are easy to find in the scrapbook section of Michael’s. Your finger fits into one end and you literally tap it into the ink pad picking up color, then ‘dabbing’ it onto the ATC.

I ended up using 5-6 different colors from my tray. Once you have enough color and everything seems dry to touch, lift off the blue tape and remove the stencil.

In this picture you can get an idea of how the two line up and work together.

This is what I had when I was finished adding ink. I like the fall colors and the way they work together.

Then I started adding in my doodles. I love the way this turned out. Super simple to make. Head on over to Jenn’s page at Just Add Water, Silly and check out everyone’s doodle art. You can add your doodle, too, while you are there!

The Creator's Leaf

6 thoughts on “Go Doodle, APR #63

  1. It looks splendid with the grid background to the very organic 'doodles.' The autumnal colours are just delicious.Paula (PEP)

  2. Wonderful artwork! I like the way You paint the background. It is with doodling very nice together.

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