Go Doodle, APR #63


The Artist’s Play Room weekly challenge is up to number 63 this week. Jenn’s challenge to us was to go doodle. Doodle something that didn’t necessarily have to be zentangle┬« art, just doodling fun. I took a grid stencil that I got from Dreamweaver and taped it on top of an ATC card, and to… Continue Reading

Unfailing Love

The unfailing love of the Lord. A stronghold when things are tough. My life of late is just one stressor after another, to the point that sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other is a bit tough. I know I can’t be the only person that feels that way. When my  heart… Continue Reading

String 041

This string came from Cheri Hartwick. Kind of intimidating to me at first. I never know what to do with those loops other than use purk. The background started out with a grid, that segued over into diamonds – that was kind of fun! This is what the string looked like without tangles: You can… Continue Reading

String Challenge 056


Here is another string :). Hahaha! Just 21 more until I am caught up >.< ugh, it might take awhile! But I am trying. This is what string 056 looked like before I started working on it: I turned it on its side, so you could get the right perspective. This string was courtesy of… Continue Reading

String Challenge 057

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I am going to hit you with one of these a day until I am caught up! Hahaha! This is my response to string challenge #057. (Yes, I do know that my tile looks upside down. Actually, it was upside down when I typed “The Creator’s Leaf” on it. I’m just now noticing. Sorry.) The… Continue Reading

String 054


Still questing away, trying to catch up on my string challenges. Linda Farmer, at Tangle Patterns, offers a string each week that we tangle any way we want to. This particular string was offered by Hope Martin. This is what we had to begin with: What a fun challenge! One down, a whole lot left… Continue Reading

String 045


Last week I had some time to catch up in a few areas. One of the projects I enjoy doing each week is Linda Farmer’s String Challenge on Tangle Patterns. I don’t even know how far behind I am, but I am going to keep going until I’m caught up! This was string 045, a… Continue Reading

Nature ATC Swap


ATCs have been really big lately. Currently we are in the midst of a nature ATC swap. These swaps are a lot of fun! For this particular CZT swap, we decided to forego the “black and white” restriction, and let anything work. Color, mixed media, attachments – anything we wanted to do. Anything that said… Continue Reading

Back Home


You may have noticed it has been awhile since my last post. That was on May 20th. On May 23rd, Kali was involved in a head-on collision 800 miles from home. She was on her way to school when a man ran a red light and hit her head-on. Mark and I left right away… Continue Reading