Tangled on Grey


I picked up a Strathmore Grey journal. I’ve been seeing lots of awesome artwork on facebook that various CZTs drew on either the new tan or grey journals. I worked on this while Kali unpacked boxes and started setting up her room. I haven’t shaded it yet because I may go back and add color. Not sure how that would work on grey paper. I feel a test run coming up! Thanks once again to Cherryl Moote for teaching tangled gardens at the Retreat to Paradise!

The Creator's Leaf

4 thoughts on “Tangled on Grey

  1. love it….looks like a wonderland from the eyes of a lawn fairy…..make sure you only use 49 different shades of grey…..you wouldn't want 50 shades of grey….p.s. i've never read it….ahhhhBlessings,Cynthia♥

  2. Looks very interesting indeed – I'd imagine a white gel pen highlights might work. I absolutely love your swirls that look like canes – they're so utterly like the real life ferns as they start to uncurl themselves.Paula (PEP)Just thought – the Irojiten should work beautifully on the grey.

  3. Love this little garden! So fun–makes me wanna play with tangles all day! Just might have to do that…hahaha!

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