A Garden to Mark the Spot

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While I was at Kali’s I had a bit of time each night to draw. I have really been enjoying drawing the gardens that Canadian artist Cherryl Moote taught us at Retreat to Paradise. My thought with this particular one is to add color, then trim it into probably 4 sections and make bookmarks from it. I even have a cool little lamination machine that I bought online from Overstock.com, which I have never used but it looks simple enough. Once I add color, I’ll bring it back and show it to you again. Just wish I could figure out how to use a cool bookmark like this with my kindle!

The Creator's Leaf

One thought on “A Garden to Mark the Spot

  1. This is great fun, especially with the way you can see through the 'holes' of that central leaf behind the plaited (think you call it braided???) leaf. As soon as I've done my MCC homework I want to play about with some garden flowers too………… Have a super weekend – wet here & my patient is gradually recovering from the general anaesthetic (he last had one 60 years ago……..). Amazing that I got him home the same day.Paula (PEP)

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