One Big Whopping Mess


A mess party? Yeah, buddy! I know how to throw one! Actually, I am taking a one week online class with Carla Sonheim. You know Carla? She’s the lady with the awesome drawing and painting books about Imaginary Animals, The Art of Silliness, and The Drawing Lab – all for mixed media artists. I love… Continue Reading

Fractal Trees Completed


I started work on this project a little over a week ago while I was at Kali’s. This was the first picture I posted. Those trees are a design by Marie Browning, they are called fractal trees. She talks about them in her book Time to Tangle With Colors. A couple days ago I posted… Continue Reading

Digis by CiG i


My friend Cindy has recently gotten into designing digital stamps. She uses her own artwork to make the stamps, and in some cases also makes digital paper to go with them. This is an example of Cindy’s work that I printed out and colored with my copic markers. I love her designs! Her work is… Continue Reading

Fractal Trees


A couple weeks ago while I was out of town, I posted the beginning of this homework assignment. Pretty much all I had then was the row of reflective trees across the top and some dividing lines drawn down the length of the page. It didn’t take me long to fill in the rest of… Continue Reading

A Garden to Mark the Spot

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While I was at Kali’s I had a bit of time each night to draw. I have really been enjoying drawing the gardens that Canadian artist Cherryl Moote taught us at Retreat to Paradise. My thought with this particular one is to add color, then trim it into probably 4 sections and make bookmarks from… Continue Reading

The Light of the Lord


As soon as I figure out where I took this photo I will post the name of the church. Still working on thoughts for publishing a book of my church steeples and cross photos I’ve taken across the United States. I believe I will interweave some of my scripture photos as well.  The steeples, the… Continue Reading

The Creator’s Sunset


I recently posted these shots on my photography blog – The Shadow of the Cross – in response to a weekly challenge. I thought I’d share them here as well, since most of you don’t follow Shadow. We spend time in Cedar Key at least once during the spring or summer and I always take my… Continue Reading

New Kittens

We like cats at our house. We like cats a lot. Right now we have three cats that live indoors, and about fifteen cats that live outdoors. Five of those are babies. So cute! I drew this ATC while I was in Maryland with my daughter. To give you some perspective, this is on a… Continue Reading

Tangled on Grey


I picked up a Strathmore Grey journal. I’ve been seeing lots of awesome artwork on facebook that various CZTs drew on either the new tan or grey journals. I worked on this while Kali unpacked boxes and started setting up her room. I haven’t shaded it yet because I may go back and add color…. Continue Reading

And Then There Were More

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The next night I drew this ATC that I sent to my nephew. I figured my dragon was missing horns, so I gave some to this little dragon. Do you think I should start naming my little guys? I am taking an online class and one of the tools we are using is the Japanese… Continue Reading