Time to Tangle in Color, Lesson 1

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I have been waiting for some time to take a class with Tombow’s Marie Browning and yesterday we started our Time to Tangle in Color class. For lesson one, I jumped right in by taking things out of order – what’s new, haha! I had never worked with the Irojiten pencils, they are a wax-based pencil that is not water-soluble. That would actually be two things I had not worked with: wax-based and non water-soluble. I like where I’m starting, but I believe I need to add more color. I am used to having a wide range of colors to work with in the Derwent product line, so this is really strange to be so limited in color options. I hope that I will learn to blend and mix color, thereby creating more color. OK, got to go work on that. Hope to post another tile tomorrow, with more progress and better results.

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  1. I had to go with the Derwent Coloursoft as they're wax based, think the Inktense are too. Anyhow, I digress……… I've mostly used the Polychromos which are oil-based. You might like Gary Greene's book Ultimate guide to Colored Pencil…….., I'm working with 36 colours in my little Colorsoft set so shall see how I get on with that.Paula (PEP)

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