A Zentangled Jury Duty

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For what seems like the 9th time in the past so many years, I once again had jury duty today. Gotta tell you I am sick of jury duty. It’s always when I have doctor’s appointments scheduled for someone and they have to be cancelled. Today’s cancellations were eye appointments for Kali and myself. Two doctor’s appointments for my mom in the next couple days have been saved. So, on the jury summons was the suggestion to bring reading material or writing material, because there would be a lot of sitting and waiting. (Trust them on that one!) Like a true CZT, I took a sketchbook and a copic multiliner. While we waited for the judge to enter the courtroom, I drew the above. I was practicing my dragonaire.

It wasn’t long before the judge had about 40 people lined up, waiting their turn to pitch why they should be released from jury duty. (I’m telling you, if I couldn’t get excused after 27 years as a police officer, a bunch of middle aged men weren’t going to get off because their knees hurt. You go, Your Honor!) But, while they were pitching, I had plenty of time to tangle up the Scales of Justice. (I’m not sure if Lila Bean is waiting for the judge to throw the book at her, or if she’s waiting for Lady Justice to show up.)

I was selected to one jury panel. While we were going through voir dire, the attorneys asking us a gazillion questions person by person, I started mindlessly drawing lines. That’s one thing I love about the art of zentangle. You don’t have to always have your head in the game. You can draw lines while you listen to 5 prospective jurors trying to convince the attorneys and the judge that the defendant “looks familiar.” Might I just repeat – – – You go, Your Honor!

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  1. You certainly had a productive time & I love the Scales of Justice – there must be another Lila Bean in the other side for you've got them well balanced!Paula (PEP)

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