A Tangled Garden


Earlier this week, Kali and I went to Retreat to Paradise. It was an art gathering of some CZTs, and some not CZTs. A group of us wanting to further our artistic knowledge . . . and to eat some really awesome walnut chocolate chip cookies that the hotel concierge gave us every time we asked for one. It was the best hotel visit I have ever had.

We now step away from this free commercial break for Double Tree Resort’s shamelessly awesome cookies to explain the purpose of our first class.

The incredible Cherryl Moote of Moote Points, Toronto, Ontario, was our instructor. Cherryl has just released an ebook about tangled gardens. She also happens to be a CZT (which I did not know before our arrival) and really had her act together tangle-wise. Cherryl walked us through the basic steps for creating this beautiful garden. We started with a blank 22″ x 4″ strip of mixed media paper and we started filling sections in with leaves. As you can see, I will be filling it up with wonderful Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils. And I can not wait to finish it! You will be seeing the finished product very soon. Thank you, Cherryl, this was fantastic! (I say that like she totally reads my blog, haha! You never know.)

The Creator's Leaf

5 thoughts on “A Tangled Garden

  1. Oooooh – absolutely wonderful. Looking forward to MCC with you & Marie!! A little yelp of glee was heard as I spotted your name……….Paula (PEP)

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