Finally Home


 I haven’t been posting very regularly recently. Hopefully that is about to change. I’ve been a little pre-occupied. See Exhibit #1, above.

I didn’t expect to be able to show you these precious little toes for another several weeks.

I guess she was just in too big of a hurry to wait. Actually, my son and daughter-in-law’s baby wasn’t due for another five weeks. Mom Bobbie got into some problems with high blood pressure and this little one had to be born, to help mom stabilize. Five weeks early, she’s precious! That’s dad’s hand on her tummy – to give you an idea of how small she is. She weighed 4 pounds, 9 ounces. Teeny tiny but in perfect health.

And my mom has kept me busy. She’s been in the hospital five times in the past two months, and in rehab/therapy once. Currently she’s home and we think we have a good plan in place to keep Mom from relapsing.

The third thing that has been keeping me busy is that my daughter is moving to another state in a couple weeks for school and we had not found any place for her to live. This past week, Kali and I flew out of state to go search for an apartment and perhaps a job.

I was looking forward to being in a hotel room where I could tangle to my heart’s content! So how do you decide what to take on an airplane and how do you transport it? I chose this sweet little special edition, anniversary Hello Kitty metal lunchbox. Of course.

It was actually a great size. I have learned from experience that pens don’t always fly well, so I bagged all of them. Good thing, too, because on the plane both of my expensive Rotring Rapidograph pens exploded and filled their bag with black ink. I was not happy! Can you see the sweet little string pencil I got from Sandy Bartholomew? And my journal/workbook I got at CZT training? I loaded my lunchbox up with various pens and tiles of different sizes.

As for what to work on, I still have a number of ATCs to make for a swap I’m participating in. That’s where I started – with ATCs. Then I noticed this scrap of paper about 2″ x 8″ had landed in my lunchbox. Well, that’s what I worked on next! I consider our whole trip a success. Kali found an apartment and had 3 job offers, and I got to do a whole lot of drawing! It was a win/win all around!

Thanks for being patient while I was dealing with family crises. Let’s hope those are behind us now.

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6 thoughts on “Finally Home

  1. Love your travel kit….. Victoria Rose would be all over that, she luv's Hello Kitty…..I did not know that about pens….hmmmm….learned something new…… glad your family crisis' have stabilized…blessings,Cynthia♥

  2. Glad the baby is good, Bobbie is good, your mom is good, and the job/apt issue is good. Hope it all stays that way a long while and gives you a break. Sharon M.

  3. Glad to hear everything seems to be going in the right direction. We're going to move house so I've rehomed about half of my craft stash (not Copics or ProMarkers or pencils etc……….. As soon as He changes the weather conditions & we can do what needs to be done on the house we'll put it up for sale…… Welcome Exhibit 1!Easter Greetings from mePaula (PEP)

  4. Your new little one is beautiful! My first was just a few ounces smaller than yours. Now, she's about to graduate high school and we just laugh about how we would dress her up in doll clothes (not Barbie but stuffed animal clothes) for photos. I hope everyone stays healthy!

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