Happy Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day. It is! Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day for showing love and appreciation. I started the day off with cards and chocolate for my husband and tonight we are going to eat at our local Italian restaurant – my favorite place :). Yay for Al at Mama Mia’s!

Before I get too involved in my day, though, I wanted to say thank you! to you who read my blog faithfully. Thank you to those who have been praying for me to get well recently. I am much improved, but still have a ways to go. Thank you to those who faithfully follow my facebook page The Creator’s Leaf. Thank you to Cindy Garner of Cottage Remnant for making my blog and my Etsy Store, TheCreatorsLeaf, look so incredible! You are one awesome friend! Thanks to Jennifer McLean for hosting the Artist’s Play Room each week. (This valentine is my entry this week.) Thank you to each of you. Without you as readers, my blog would be pointless. So, a great big thanks! May God bless you today and all year long. And from me to you – Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Creator's Leaf

15 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. I hope you're feeling better soon, it's so hard to be not well. Sending Valentine wishes for your speedy recovery. It sounds like you have a spectacular day planned, such a lucky girl. Your entry is lovely, a great valentine for your hubby. thanks for participating and Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Glad to hear you're improved – hope that continues until you're fully recovered. I love (!! oops) the way you used the gem for highlighting those hearts & how your tangles just move together.Paula (PEP)

  3. Love your beautiful zentangle. I've been away from the blogosphere for a while and didn't know you were ill, hope you have a very speedy recovery. Happy Valentines day and wishing you heaps of chocolates. After all, chocolate is the best medicine. :)Von.

  4. What a great zentangle Valentine. I doodle but haven't done any real zentangle patterns. I looked back at some of the others you have done and they are all so interesting.Darla

  5. Love the intertwined hearts with the fascinating bobble tags on the end (or the beginning). Great challenge card, and so different. Hope things improve for you health-wise very soon.

  6. Alice, this is truly a wonderful tangled creation. I love the "tag" area with the beautiful lush hearts and gemstone. The way the tangles reach in to enfold the hearts is great. Feel better ASAP!

  7. What a lovely post Alice, very gracious and heartfelt. Your Valentine zentangle is perfect…I love the addition of colour. ;DI hope you're on the road to recovery and feel much better soon! Take care xoxo

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