Getting Closer


 Two nights ago I showed you this digital stamp I was filling in with Copic markers. It’s the first project I’ve worked on since I came home from the training. I don’t have a lot of copics, so I spent last night trying to figure out what colors I DID have that would work. This is what I have so far.

I am very excited about the way she’s looking. I still need to smooth out the pink on that ribbon a bit more, and I need to shade her. I’m scared to shade her. I’m afraid I’ll mess her up! Ugh, I’ll get brave and try that tomorrow. Actually, the day after (cause I haven’t gone to sleep yet). Tomorrow we will be celebrating Kali’s birthday a couple days early – yay!!!!! Twenty years old! It seems like yesterday she was born. Happy birthday, Kali! Mama loves you!

And a big Happy Birthday to my friend Cindy from Cottage Remnant! I hope your birthday (today, not tomorrow) is incredible, Cindy! 

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5 thoughts on “Getting Closer

  1. Wow! I almost bought some Prismacolors yesterday and drooled over the Copics…ended up buying water soluble pastels…One of these days I'll splurge! You're doing great!

  2. great work Alice! I too only have a few colours, but I find blending using the tip to tip technique- whereby you get the lighter colour and wipe the tip of it onto the darker colour, making a colour that is in between. I struggle with blending, but find this technique really helpful. XOX Tania

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