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This has been a great week for challenges! And I am miserably behind in  most of them, so I was really glad to see I could combine several with this one tile!

Linda Farmer at Tangle Patterns posts a new string each week for us to work with. This string was provided by Jadie Wright. I thought it looked like a water lily. You can read about Linda’s string challenge here.
Yesterday, Laura – at I Am the Diva – posted a new tangle that her husband B-rad designed. It’s called Phicops and it was this week’s Diva Challenge. So I combined the string challenge with the Diva Challenge and came up with my phicopped water lily.
I combined phicops with betweed, and threw in a little Derwent and there you go! You can check out all the phicops tiles here.
Jenn at Just Add Water, Silly gave us the APR challenge #39 for the word ‘resolution.’ She left the interpretation of the word up to us. As I considered my tile, and thought about the word ‘resolution,’ it reminded me of being open to ideas, open to new thoughts, open to new challenges, new ways of doing things, being open to other opinions, open to others’ desires, wants, and wishes. Resolution is a means of being open – open like the petals on my water lily. An open heart, a heart reaching upwards. There are so many ways to interpret resolution. This one is mine. You can look at other interpretations of ‘resolution’ at Jenn’s page – here.
And just like that – 3 challenges met for the week :).

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20 thoughts on “Love This Phicops!

  1. Alice, you did a great job! I love how you combined your challenges too. Very efficient. I love the flowery feel you got with your Phicops. 🙂

  2. Awesome…it makes me think of a giant fairy outdoor theater…or a flower taking a bow….love it….super gr8 job….blessings,Cynthia♥

  3. Hi Alice, Happy 2013 – I had the same thought as you, but changed my mind as I had already done this string – it sure is a beautiful tile, love the colours too 🙂

  4. Great tangle! I have only tinkered with the Zentangle process, in fact not used real tangle patterns, but kind of doodles. I really like how you have used these though.Darla

  5. Congratulations on meeting all of your challenges Alice,The tangle is absolutely stunning. I'm definitely going to have to check out the links. I also think you did fantastic with your interpretations too. ;DUnfortunately, I didn't make the APR this week with travelling back to Oz but I've loved checking out what you've all been up to. Thanks for sharing ~ it's exquisite!!! xoxo

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