Life Book 2013


Meet . . . my Fairy Art Mother!

At the beginning of January, I began an online class called Life Book, 2013. It’s a year long mixed-media class, during which I will learn how to use a bunch of different art supplies (ones I’m  somewhat intimidated by) and along the way learn more about myself and become more accepting of who I am. (How’s that for a run-on sentence?) I really can’t go into what the lessons are (I promised Tam), but I wanted to share my first project with you. Tam had us create a Fairy Art Mother that we can keep near our work area throughout the year. She is to cheer us on and provide positive affirmation (is that redundant?) that we can indeed create beautiful art.

Should you want to join us in our Life Book, 2013 journey, you can read more about Tamara Laporte and Life Book, 2013 here. It isn’t too late for you to join us!

The Creator's Leaf

4 thoughts on “Life Book 2013

  1. This is such a cute idea, and you did a great job with it, as usual. It definitely made me smile. Happy New Year to you Alice and your family. Linda E.

  2. Just found your blog and loving it. Maybe we can follow each other on GFC or bloglovin? Maybe you could stop by my blog and let me know? XO

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