Lesson Two


Quite some time ago, I began a watercolor pencil class that Dion Dior is teaching. Two months ago, actually. I started off well, then I got sidetracked with life. You know how that works. So, tonight, I pulled out my notebook and reviewed the notes up till now. My drawing skills themself have not improved,… Continue Reading

Spinning in South Carolina

Spending a couple days in South Carolina. This afternoon I shot senior pictures for two of our debate students. I had a great time getting caught up with their families! Heading home in the morning. So, tonight I’m enjoying some drawing time. Here’s what I’ve worked on since dinner. It’s different from what I normally… Continue Reading

String 029

This past week’s string challenge (I am running late) was shared by Sue Zanker, hosted by Tangle Patterns. I finished this up in the hotel, so really no editing is done or anything ‘fancy’ to this tile. Posted totally as is, photo shot with my phone. Tile displayed on standard hotel bedspread :). String challenge… Continue Reading

Keenees, Diva Challenge #98


he waits by the window, every day for the little girl to come home and play she’s his favorite, he likes the smell of her the way she runs her fingers through fur and talks to him, even if he doesn’t understand she’s never rough when giving a command it’s more like a question, a… Continue Reading