Lesson Two


Quite some time ago, I began a watercolor pencil class that Dion Dior is teaching. Two months ago, actually. I started off well, then I got sidetracked with life. You know how that works. So, tonight, I pulled out my notebook and reviewed the notes up till now. My drawing skills themself have not improved, sorry, but I love the color! I actually used around 22 different colors on this dragonfly watercolor. (I lost track at that count.) I may go back and add some twinkling H2Os, not decided yet. And you know what? I’m still in lesson 2! Of 6 lessons! Oh, my! I need to get busy, but I want to go back and rework all my color swatches so I can get them into one dedicated journal instead of spread out over two journals. I need to get with it, though, because come January – – – I am signed up for 3 more online classes. >.<

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8 thoughts on “Lesson Two

  1. He looks brilliant – 3 more classes – looks very interesting…….I'm hoping to do a lettering one when it runs next & am getting involved in a Quintiles swap…… thinking I can tangle & etc……. for those.Looking forward to seeing what comes next for you.Paula (PEP)

  2. I am just about to finally start her silks class here pretty soon. I think this dragonfly is gorgeous and some shimmer would really set it off. Wow! Great job!!! 🙂

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