Keenees, Diva Challenge #98

he waits by the window, every day
for the little girl to come home and play
she’s his favorite, he likes the smell of her
the way she runs her fingers through fur
and talks to him, even if he doesn’t understand
she’s never rough when giving a command
it’s more like a question, a ‘please do this’
she tops it with a pat and he gives her a kiss
she lets him sleep in her big warm bed
gives him baths and makes sure he’s fed
she listens, even though he doesn’t talk
plays ball with him, takes him for a walk
something’s different, it doesn’t make sense
no big yellow school bus pulling up at the fence
no little girl with pigtails and a happy smile
maybe he should just wait a little while
same thing happens day after day
why doesn’t the little girl come home to play?
and the humans cry, the house is always too dark
and he knows now what it’s like to have a broken heart
he stops eating, though they all try
he just waits by the window as the days pass by
he doesn’t understand how she can be gone
leaving him so desperate, feeling alone
because she was his, his one true friend
and he feels the changes in the wind
and how the world seems empty without her laugh
the roads look scary without her dancing down the path
and every sound makes him bark
when he can’t find her hand in the dark
she was right, innocent, and she was good
and now tennis balls don’t bounce like they should
Tennis Balls
by Ashley Brooke Bearden
* * * *
This week’s Diva Challenge was to use CZT Donna Hornsby’s tangle Keenees. As I started drawing, an idea of tennis balls falling through a net came to mind. Follow the photos to see how I put this together. That is a roll of washi tape you see in the first photo. I used Pitt Artist Markers for the color. Netz is a pattern of my own. You can check out the Diva’s Keenees Challenge here. You should really take the challenge and post a photo of your own!

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4 thoughts on “Keenees, Diva Challenge #98

  1. Goodness me Alice – this is a stunner! What a superbly original design & I love the idea of the fragments along the bottom.Hope you're fully recovered from that nasty infection.Much love Paula (PEP)

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