Diva’s 100th and Christmas


Yesterday was our first day in the Blue Ridge Mountains, getting ready for – and waiting for – Christmas! I spent a little time drawing while we watched an endless marathon of NCIS.

In this tile you will notice a new tangle. It’s called Diva Dance and Maria Thomas designed it to celebrate Laura’s 100th Diva Challenge! Congratulations, Laura, and thanks for all your hard work for us!

Kali spent the afternoon mixing up a couple batches of cookie dough. Joshua was set to arrive the next day (today), so the cookie dough needed to be made ready for baking and decorating.

Kali is going to be my pastry chef, so the cookies are totally her area. I figured I’d try to post some photos each day, so, photos of finished cookies to come soon!

You can check out Laura’s 100th Diva Challenge here. Congratulations, Laura!

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9 thoughts on “Diva’s 100th and Christmas

  1. Looking forward to pictures of cookies. My cookie and Christmas tree decorator won't be home until Christmas Eve. May your Christmas be merry and white! Sharon

  2. Great ZT! Nice to have a pastry chef around these days, I'm looking forward to the cookies. Love to bake myself, so perhaps you could blog the receipt. How do you store the made dough? I always start baking right away, never knew and thought about making it the day before.Have a merry Christmas..

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