New Years Eve, 2012


The year 2012 is almost complete. It is almost history, done, over, out of there, kaput. You get the picture. Much has happened this past year. As far as my blog goes – it’s quite obvious that photography has taken a back seat as I focus on artwork and make strides to learn some new… Continue Reading

More Christmas Tangles


Christmas. A week in the mountains. It rained every day except one. That day we rushed and drove around to see as much as we could see, then it was back to rain the next day. So, what do you do with six days of rain? You draw. A lot. So, here is another tile…. Continue Reading

A Little More Diva Dance!


So. There’s a new tangle in town. Her name is Diva Dance! She’s happy, alive, free-spirited, and a whole bunch of fun! There are basically three ways to draw the Diva Dance – the waltz, the foxtrot, the rock and roll – and all three are in the tile above. She is my newest ‘favorite’… Continue Reading

Diva Challenge 99

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This particular Diva Challenge involved looping your border on all four sides. I tried and tried and tried to overlap my loops, but my hand just did not understand what my brain was telling it to do. I finally gave up trying to overlap and settled for a loop on each side of my string…. Continue Reading

Watercolor Journal

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 I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how to turn this into a Christmas post. Ha! It might have some Christmas colors in it.  For whatever reason, the word “change” comes to mind. I’ve been working on Dion Dior’s Watercolor Pencil class and one of the things she had us do was to set… Continue Reading

Tangle Time in the Mountains

When we go on vacations I normally take jigsaw puzzles to work on – you know, to fill in time with as we ‘relax.’ I don’t do ‘relax’ well. To me it sounds very similar to ‘bored to tears.’ So on this trip – I brought a ton of zentangle fun to work on. Tiles,… Continue Reading

String 031

I love Linda Farmer’s string challenge each week. This is the 31st one and I’ve completed each one. Not always in the same week it’s been posted – but completed all the same.  This is the string that Linda gave us to work with. I was practicing a new tangle that Maria Thomas gave us… Continue Reading

Diva’s 100th and Christmas


Yesterday was our first day in the Blue Ridge Mountains, getting ready for – and waiting for – Christmas! I spent a little time drawing while we watched an endless marathon of NCIS. In this tile you will notice a new tangle. It’s called Diva Dance and Maria Thomas designed it to celebrate Laura’s 100th… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas, 2012


Christmas. What a wonderful time of year. Time to spend enjoying family, being thankful for all God has blessed us with. Time to relax and reflect. Time to love and appreciate. We spent time enjoying Christmas with my mom already. We got to spend the majority of that day in the emergency room. Not fun,… Continue Reading

Snowflake Zendalas, ZD #35


This week’s zendala dare was a lot of fun! I haven’t been able to participate in awhile, so I was excited to be able to this time. Erin challenged us to make a snowflake zendala, something she learned about at her CZT training. Erin had also read about this fun technique in Suzanne McNeill’s book… Continue Reading