No Strings Attached – Diva Challenge #97


Laura’s challenge to us this week was to tangle with no string. Just grab a tile and go for it! I typically draw this way anyway, so I just had fun with it!

I started by coloring my tile with some of Tim Holtz’ distress stains. I’m not sure why I can’t get the colors to look right in this post. The paints gave me some pretty vibrant orange and pink. Can’t really see that here. Then I started in one corner and started laying down tangles.

I began with that asian fan pattern and it really reminded me of a roller coaster track. I noticed as I kept drawing patterns that my tile began to remind me of an amusement park. Perhaps you can see the roof of a lovely carousel.

I kept building on that carousel and filled in some other pieces.

This indy-rella just really reminded me of a merry-go-round on a playground. Spinning and spinning.

I really like this pattern that I used for fencing. It’s called cheesecloth. It’s easy to draw, it’s forgiving, and it looks great. I made some breaks in my fence – maybe we could sneak in that way to go ride those rides! Do you think anyone would notice?

And here is my completed amusement park! Lots of fun to be had here. A great way to spend a day!

This is what I have on top of my work station tonight. That little Tinkerbell tin has seen better days, but  it is where I keep the pens I use the most – easily portable, easy to access.

Last night was a late one! Didn’t go to bed until almost 5 AM, not good. Just before I called it a night – or morning – I pulled out four tile and slapped some Adirondack acrylic paint dabber colors on them and left them to dry overnight. I hope to be drawing on these soon!

Please visit Laura Harms’ page here and check out all the ‘no strings attached’ drawings for the week. You could even post one of your own!

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11 thoughts on “No Strings Attached – Diva Challenge #97

  1. I really love the touches of colour you've used in the corners of this tile Alice. So nice to see your process. 5am – uugh – I used to have the odd all nighter back when I had to work to deadlines, now I am lucky if I make it to 1am ……. rarely!

  2. Thank you for showing your process. I found it very helpful. The tile itself is so beautifully done, and so much fun. Great job!

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