I have been using this pattern on a couple things lately. Super simple to draw. Since it is working as a net in my tile, I named it Netz. Here is the step-out for Netz. Really easy – draw the grid with pencil, then start laying in your lines. Not straight lines, but somewhat shaky – like a net would be. Include loops where the lines cross. Ta-da! Here are a couple examples:

This is a postcard I’ve been working on for a swap. A little underwater life, with a fish net in the background. I really like these cardboard postcards. I got them through, a daily shopping email that comes to my inbox.

I did this tile awhile back as part of Linda Farmer’s string challenge on Tangle Patterns. I had the idea here of a volleyball game on the beach. Netz is working as a volleyball net here. Please feel free to try this tangle out. Easy, it looks good, and it’s fun and quick to draw.

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  1. Alice, I thought I'd visit your blog. I love the way you give step by step directions for your tangles. I'm pretty good at collage but tangles baffle me. I'm saving you to my favorites. Maybe I'll learn how to do this after all!!

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