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This here’s a story. A story about a hurricane challenge. A story about a challenge regarding Hurricane Sandy and CZT Michele Beauchamp. Last month, Kali and I were visiting in the state of Maryland when Hurricane Sandy decided to blast half the eastern coast with winds, rains, and lots of storm surge. In the midst of that, CZT Brinn McFetridge posted the above storm photo on her facebook page with the words “Wow!! SO cool! Isn’t that something!!”

Brinn’s hurricane map reminded me of CZT Michele Beauchamp‘s signature tangle – Spiral. Can you see where I’m going with this story?
I looked at Brinn’s photo and just saw Michele’s name written all over it – so to speak. As I laughed, I commented on Brinn’s facebook, “only a CZT would see coolness in a massive history-making storm . . . I’d love to see what Michele Beauchamp would draw with this! Challenge on, Michele!” Well, Michele saw my challenge and responded, “Alice, that is a storm of a challenge!” To which I responded, “Yes, but you are the lady for the job!”
And so right I was! I received a lovely package in the mail today! Inside was a wonderful card from Michele with her artwork on the front. I love her spirals! I’ve tried drawing them a few times, but never really do them justice.
And of course, I saved the cool stamp from Australia! Michele sent me another package awhile back – a beautiful piece of her artwork – and I saved that stamp as well.
And inside the card was this beautiful tile – Michele’s answer to my challenge. Her answer to the challenge of Hurricane Sandy. Michele’s interpretation of Brinn’s weather shot. Like I said, it had Michele’s name written all over it. So to speak. Yes, Michele was up for the challenge (what a great sport!) And she gifted me with her tile 😀 that’s one happy smile you see right there! Challenge issued. Challenge accepted. Challenge answered. Thank you, Michele! Please take a few minutes and go check out Michele’s work at Shelly Beauch!

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