A Zinger of a String


This week’s Diva Challenge was to use Maria Thomas’ tangle Zinger! This is one of Maria’s go-to tangles, one she uses frequently but had never named it until recently.

Tangle Patterns’ string 027 was shared by Courtney Frantz. Being a little time challenged this week, I combined the two – the Diva’s and the String. The above tile was made using Courtney’s string, although it’s turned counter-clockwise one rotation. Fun string, I will be using this one again.
I really like the Zinger tangle and I’m still trying to get it just right.  So I figured a little more practice was in order. And this tile was so fun! Hahaha! I love it! You can find the Diva’s challenge here and you can check out Tangle Patterns string challenge here.

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22 thoughts on “A Zinger of a String

  1. I really enjoyed seeing your tiles. I love organics, whimsy and color and I'm fascinated by the beauty of your interpretation. I loved the little "Suessy" characters too. Great idea!

    • thanks, beth! the seussy tile was definitely my favorite, although i know a lot of tanglers prefer the other style. i just like it to be fun 🙂 thank you for stopping by and commenting on my art!

    • haha! thanks, fiona! i put these on facebook, too, and i've been disappointed that none of my kids (or anyone else) noticed harry potter or waldo. i'm glad you spotted my worm – they just kind of popped out at me. not intentional at all. what fun 🙂

  2. Love your Zen Zingles…so totally Dr. Seuss! So whimsical and fun! Thanks so much for popping my blog! Always good to hear from creative friends! Happy Golden Friday! 🙂

  3. Your bottom tile is so much fun and the first one is like a visit to fairy land. You were on a creative "roll" here. Beautiful!

    • thanks, susan, looking for something easy to do that day, as i was starting to get a cold and didn't feel like doing much. this was definitely fun!

  4. Both tiles are great. Love the colors in the first one and how you put the tangles on the string. But the second one really stole my heart. It looks so funny, those little guys with zinger hats. Especially the one with the glasses looks so happy. Great piece.

    • thanks! have you ever heard of Where's Waldo? that's who the one with glasses is supposed to be 🙂 i thought it would be fun, but i think most people didn't notice him – oh well 🙂 it's still fun

  5. Both tiles are great but I do prefer the first. It probably has more traditional tangles. They are hard to compare because the creativity in both is so different. I did see Waldo.

  6. Both of them are really cute. Clever hiding Waldo in the second one. I like the way you colored them.

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