No Strings Attached – Diva Challenge #97


Laura’s challenge to us this week was to tangle with no string. Just grab a tile and go for it! I typically draw this way anyway, so I just had fun with it! I started by coloring my tile with some of Tim Holtz’ distress stains. I’m not sure why I can’t get the colors… Continue Reading

String Challenge 028

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I am really enjoying the string challenge that Linda Farmer presents every week on Tangle Patterns. This week’s string was provided by Australian tangler Ann Marks. This is what Ann gave us to use as our string: They tell us each week that these strings can be used either exactly as they are posted, or… Continue Reading

Zinger Fields


I’ve been sick sinceWednesday night, fighting a cold and getting nowhere. Today has been rough, but I was able to accomplish one thing. This tile. And actually, I started this two days ago. Hopefully I will start getting better soon and get back to posting on a regular basis. Love this zinger pattern of Maria’s,… Continue Reading

A Zinger of a String


This week’s Diva Challenge was to use Maria Thomas’ tangle Zinger! This is one of Maria’s go-to tangles, one she uses frequently but had never named it until recently. Tangle Patterns’ string 027 was shared by Courtney Frantz. Being a little time challenged this week, I combined the two – the Diva’s and the String…. Continue Reading

Thank You, Dion!


For several months now I’ve been watching the artwork of Dion Dior. According to Dion’s blog, she is “a mother, artist, writer, and teacher” who loves color, sparkle, and shimmer. Her journals are filled with “luscious, shimmering pages . . . treasured expressions.” And that’s understating her artistic creations. I love her work! And if… Continue Reading

Water Color Fun


I am having a little fun with my Derwent Inktense Pencils! Perhaps a little too much fun! Is that even possible??? No! Check back in a little while and I’ll show you what I’m working on!

Diva Challenge #95


This week’s Diva Challenge is guest-hosted by Courtney Frantz. Looking forward to the anniversary of Disney cartoon “Steamboat Willie,” Courtney asked us to pay tribute to either Mickey, Minnie, or the man himself – Walter Elias Disney. Several years ago I had an online scrapbook shop called Scrap Attack. I sold a lot of hand-made… Continue Reading



I have been using this pattern on a couple things lately. Super simple to draw. Since it is working as a net in my tile, I named it Netz. Here is the step-out for Netz. Really easy – draw the grid with pencil, then start laying in your lines. Not straight lines, but somewhat shaky… Continue Reading

Challenge Accepted


This here’s a story. A story about a hurricane challenge. A story about a challenge regarding Hurricane Sandy and CZT Michele Beauchamp. Last month, Kali and I were visiting in the state of Maryland when Hurricane Sandy decided to blast half the eastern coast with winds, rains, and lots of storm surge. In the midst… Continue Reading

The Language of Tears


Earlier this week we celebrated Veterans Day, thanking all those who have served in the past or are serving currently in our military forces. I think probably everyone knows someone either in their family or among their friends who has at some time served our country, protected our freedoms, freedoms that many take for granted…. Continue Reading