I am trying to work on some homework assignments for an online class I’m taking – getting further and further behind. (And it’s only week two.) BUT – I want to post something every day – if I can. I started this last night. It’s in my CZT field journal. I am trying to have… Continue Reading

String 022

This week’s string challenge was a lot of fun! I tangled two tile – this was my second. I am getting behind on homework in an online class, but I wanted to get something posted today.  This was the pattern Linda gave us at Tangle Patterns. (Imagine my tile upside-down.) The string originated from Margaret… Continue Reading

Go Do Your Homework


“Go do your homework” takes on a whole new meaning! This week I started a water color pencil class that Dion Dior is teaching! I am beyond excited! I have been following Dion’s blog for a few months now. I love how she uses rich, vibrant colors – bringing them to life in her drawing…. Continue Reading

Diva Challenge #90 – String Theory


It’s week number 90 at the Diva’s Challenge. Laura ┬átook us back to Tangle Patterns’ very first string challenge and asked us to try that out. This is what our string looked like. If you look closely, you can match it up with what I tangled above. I started doing the string challenge when Linda… Continue Reading

String 021

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Tangle Patterns’ string challenge this week – can not believe we are at number 21! And I’ve done every one so far – that’s a minor miracle all by itself :). Here’s the string we started with. Pretend it is upside down and what I drew will make more sense :). String provided by Sue… Continue Reading

Dilip’s Ganesha Challenge


A fellow CZT, Dilip Patel from Bengaluru, has issued himself a challenge to create 100 tangled Ganesha before December 31, 2012. The rest of the CZTs are trying to help Dilip out. This is my offering. I really didn’t know a thing about Ganesha, so I started with a google search. I really liked this… Continue Reading

You Make Beautiful Things


Hope this link works. Thanks to Zachary for reminding me of this Gungor song. What a wonderful worship song – You Make Beautiful Things. (I think the link will take you to a youtube page where you will actually watch the video – please watch it, it is worth your time.) Thanks, Zachary!

A Tangled Web


 There are patterns all around us. In our every day life, so many things we come into contact with can become a new tangle for tomorrow. Tangled patterns, tangled webs. Beautiful designs, a beautiful Creator. A life – patterned by God. Made beautiful by Him when we follow the patterns He has designed for us.

Treasured Tangles


Our local home school support group has a 4-H club called Treasure Seekers. Last year I taught a photography high school credit class at their co-op. This year I am teaching a Zentangle┬« project during their 4-H time. I set up a facebook page for them called Treasured Tangles. Above is the cover photo I… Continue Reading

Celtic Challenge #7


Judy’s Celtic Challenge to us last week was to have fun! She provided us the following template. I added a little paradox to the central portion and shaded with a copic marker. The simple lines of the zendala reminded me of a flower, so I turned sections into leaves and the remaining sections into petals. … Continue Reading