In My Mail Today – Thanks, Genevieve!


I got a package from the postman today that just really made my day! I got a shipment from Blitsy, too, but that didn’t make my day. This box from Genevieve Crabe made my day! Totally!

A portable, travel-sized tangle keeper! Genevieve calls it a pocket tangler, a convenient 4.25 x 6.87 inches, and 50 pages total! I use some of her other tangle keepers, but this one will work better for my travels. I have a trip to Maryland coming up and this will be wonderful to use in the hotels.

You can see Genevieve’s newest tangle organizer here! I’m thinking these are going to make some wonderful Christmas presents! Thanks, Genevieve! You are the best!

3 thoughts on “In My Mail Today – Thanks, Genevieve!

  1. I like the idea of having something like that~! Mostly because Ive noticed I start seeing patterns everywhere. I put on my shirt and said OH there's Paisley everywhere on it. Never realized that. 🙂 I love getting packages, its like christmas for adults (even though you know whats in the box.) 😀 Have a Blessed Day!

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